Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 328

It was the Lord who placed in our possession the sanitariums at Loma Linda, Glendale, and Paradise Valley...

We have been indolent in regard to our duty to Southern California. The many tourists who visit the cities in this conference should be given opportunity to hear the truth for this time. Let us do all in our power to enlighten the people in this large field. It is the privilege of every believer to let the light shine forth. We are drawing near to the close of this earth's history; we have not one hour to devote to needless matters. Our ministers in the Southern California Conference should now devote their best efforts to proclaiming the message of truth in all these large resorts. The Lord will impart His grace to all who will work in Christ's lines. And hope and faith will strengthen as the workers for God put their trust in Him.

Ellen G. White.

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