Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 334

I plead with you, Elder Reaser, to take your stand wholly on the right side. We cannot change the presidency without feeling a deep regret. If you will take your position firmly to counterwork the influence you have exerted against the Testimonies of the Spirit of God, then the Lord can accept you. But while you remain in an unsettled condition, having more confidence in your own judgment than you have in the counsel of the Lord, you are doing a work to undermine the confidence of the people in the work of the Lord. I must say to you, Elder Reaser, that there is need for much searching of self, for you have much prejudice to overcome. One seed of unbelief sown in the heart, will change the atmosphere of the soul. There is a far-reaching work to be done in counterworking the work of unbelief that has been done. If you will place yourself under the control of the Spirit of God, the Lord will help you to do this. Angels of God are by the side of those who choose to be taught of the Lord and who seek His counsel. Our workers need to counsel often together, that they may know what spirit is controlling them.

The workers in the Southern California Conference need to be minute men. No one is to exalt his own judgment or entertain the thought that he can carry the work in his own way. My brethren, when difficulties arise, do not leave the Lord out of your councils. Self-ruling will bring no strength to the church. A worker may magnify self to large proportions, but in doing so he will bring embarrassment to the work, and give an example to the church that God never designed it should have.

The work that was done in collecting money to lift the school debt in Southern Calif. was not a work of God's ordering. He gave our schools the precious book “Christ's Object Lessons” and He wants that book to be appreciated. The students have lost precious lessons because they have not taken up the work of pushing the sale of these books. There is a most valuable experience to be gained by those who will aid in doing this work for the benefit of our educational institutions. If teachers and students will act their part in this missionary enterprise, angels of God will open the way before them.

In this new year let new methods be recommended. Let parents encourage their children to act a part in the circulation of “Christ's Object Lessons.” This will instruct the children in acts of self-denial. The work of selling “Christ's Object Lessons” is a work that Christ would have the children engage in and they themselves will be blessed in the work. Light, precious light, is contained in the book, which every family should follow.

“Ministry of Healing” is another book containing valuable instructions. It is also a gift to the work; its teachings will do good to those who receive them, as its title suggests. The sale of “Ministry of Healing” is one way in which the sanitarium is to receive help. Let us take a personal interest in this matter. These two books can be handled separately or together, as may be deemed advisable. And those who read them will see in them precious light. Angels will be beside those who study them to impress minds and hearts.

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