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Loma Linda Messages, Page 335

The Loma Linda Sanitarium needs help. It was the Lord Who placed this institution in our possession, that we might carry forward His work through its instrumentality. It should have every convenience necessary to make it a blessing to the sick. In the efforts made to build up this work, Satan has tried in every way to discourage; but we must not be discouraged, but arouse to the task of carrying this work successfully. Los Angeles can help to meet the emergency by loaning means or making gifts to provide for the present necessities.

There is need of an elevator at the sanitarium; it is also necessary that some other improvements be made, and that, as far as possible, the indebtedness be decreased. Let all who possibly can, help in the circulation of “Ministry of Healing” that means may come in for the doing of the work. If at the beginning of this new year, we will take hold of this work, the blessing of the Lord will be upon us. The pushing of this enterprise is included in the missionary work to be done for this time. Let all plan to see what can be done.

We each need to arouse and be a benefit to the world in which we live. We are to act a part in the saving of souls. The spirit we reveal in words and character will live again in those for whom we labor as their ideal of what a Christian believer should be. When the will and desires are held subservient to the will and plans of the Lord, the soul will be as the garden of God, filled with all manner of pleasant flowers and fruits.

The first chapter of 2 Peter contains valuable instruction for every worker. Read this chapter, and understand it for your individual selves. It is your privilege to secure the everlasting life insurance policy there brought to view.


Jan. 19, 1906. B.-34-'06.

Sanitarium, California

Jan. 19, 1906.

Dear Brother and Sister Burden,

... (Note and deletion by copyist, ERP, March 19, 1960. Letter deleted here covering original pages 594, through 600 may be found on pages 96, 97, 98, 99 of this edition, 1960, of Loma Linda Messages, paged in original as 266 through 273.)


(594 through 600) Repetition of pages 266 through 273 found on pages 96-99, this edition (1960).


(601) Not for Publication

(Note) This compilation has been made with the thought that it would serve as material from which our ministers and physicians could use extracts when making up some lessons regarding

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