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Loma Linda Messages, Page 364

***** LLM 364

Elder J.A. Burden and Others Bearing Responsibilities at Loma Linda

Sanitarium, Cal., LLM 364.1

B. 90'08. March 30, 1908.-7- March 24, 1908. LLM 364.2

Dear Brethren, LLM 364

I feel a deep interest that careful study shall be given to the needs of our institution at Loma Linda, and that the right moves may be made. In the carrying forward of the work at this place, men of talent and of decided spirituality are needed. LLM 364.3

We may, in the work of educating our nurses, reach a high standard in the knowledge of the true sciences of healing. That which is of most importance is that the students be taught how to truly represent the principles of health reform. Teach the students to pursue this line of study faithfully, combined with other essential lines of education. The grace of Jesus Christ will give wisdom to all who will follow the Lord's plan of true education. LLM 364.4

Let the students follow closely the example of the One who purchased the human race with the costly price of His own life. Let them appeal to the Saviour, and depend upon Him as the One who heals all manner of diseases. The Lord would have the workers make special efforts to point the sick and suffering to the great Physician who made the human body. He would have all become obedient children to the faith, that they may come with confidence and ask for bodily restoration. Many who come to our sanitariums will be blessed as they learn the truth concerning the word of God, many who would never learn it through any other medium. LLM 364.5

It is well that our training schools for Christian workers should be established near health institutions, that the students may be educated in the principles of healthful living. Institutions that send forth workers who are able to give a reason for their faith and who have faith that works by love and purifies the soul, are of great value. LLM 364.6

I have clear instruction that wherever it is possible, schools should be established near to our sanitariums, that each LLM 364.7

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