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Loma Linda Messages, Page 377

our gifts and offerings with a single heart. Let us draw upon our talents, remembering that for this purpose they were given. To every man God has given his work; and He would have this work done intelligently. The Lord will make it possible for each to do a work that can be accepted by Him.

The Lord expects all, by acts of self-denial, to help in the upbuilding of His work. In the house of worship to be erected and the additional schoolrooms that will be needed, let all be willing to do their best, willing to deny themselves the unnecessary expenditures for display, that they may have means to give to the cause of God. The work in promulgating the principles of health reform, which the Lord has outlined to us, must be accomplished. When we study the self-denial of Christ, and make his life our example, truth and righteousness will prevail among us. We will esteem as of highest value the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great value.

Ellen G. White


Deeper Consecration

May 17, 1908. MS. 31-'08.

The teachers employed in our schools should be men who are acquainted with God through an experimental knowledge. They know Him because they obey all the commandments He has given them. Jehovah engraved His ten commandments on tables of stone, that all the inhabitants of the earth might understand His eternal and unchangeable character. Those teachers who desire to advance in learning and proficiency, need to lay right hold of these wonderful revelations of God. But it is only as heart and mind are brought into harmony with God that they will understand the divine requirements.

None need concern themselves about those things which the Lord has not revealed to us.

In these days speculations will abound, but the Lord declares, “The secret things belong unto the Lord,” The voice that spoke to Israel from Sinai is speaking in these last days to men and women, saying, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” The law of God was written with His own finger on tables of stone, thus showing that it could never be changed or abolished. It is to be preserved through the eternal ages, immutable as the principles of His government in heaven and in earth. Men have set their will against the will of God, but this will not silence His words of wisdom and command, though they may set their speculative theories in opposition to the teachings of revelation, and exalt human wisdom above a plain, “Thus saith the Lord.”

It should be the determination of every soul who desires to enter the pearly gates, not so much to seek to understand all about the conditions that will prevail in the future state, as to know what the Lord requires of him in this life. It is the will

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