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Loma Linda Messages, Page 388

Sanitarium, Cal.,

D.-196-'08. June 20, 1908.

Elder A. G. Daniells, Takoma Park St., Washington, D.C.:

Dear Brother,

I have been reading letters from you concerning the Bible Teacher needed at Union College.

I will say that Elder Owen is needed just where he is, and he is where the Lord would have him be. God has a work of special importance to be done in Southern California, and I know from the light given me that this work must now be perfected.

Loma Linda has been specified to me as a very important place and one which demands the best Bible teacher we can supply. There are promising youth here who are to be qualified to fill important positions in the work. They should have the best class of instructors, and capable Bible teachers who understand the truths of the Word. The truth and righteousness revealed in the Word of God is to be the stronghold of our workers.

There has been given me an outline of the work that must be done at Loma Linda, and I know that we must give to that place our best labors. The Lord wants the wisest talent there, for by means of our very best educational talent we are to train our ministerial laborers. The work is to be carried after the Lord's order, and not according to the suppositions of man.

The Lord has given us a wonderful advantage in enabling us to secure Loma Linda for the establishment of the work in progress there. A school is to be built up at Loma Linda that will train Bible workers and missionary nurses for efficient service. The Lord calls for the best talents to be united at this center for the carrying on of the work as He has directed, not the talent that will demand the largest salary, but the talent that will place itself on the side of Christ to work in His lines.

We must have medical instructors who will teach the sciences of healing without the use of drugs. If physicians refuse to give their services unless they can be paid the highest wage, we shall not bribe them. We are to prepare a company of workers who will follow Christ's methods.

There has been a dearth of means for our educational work because we have neglected to follow fully the Lord's directions. The Lord now asks that energy and zeal be given to the carrying out of His methods. The books “Christ's Object Lessons” and “Ministry of Healing” are the Lord's specified agencies for the financial aid of our institutions. By following the plan that He has laid down, a continual work of education may be carried on. I pray that God may teach us to understand His ways, and help us to learn daily of Christ.

Ellen G. White


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