Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 389

Sanitarium, Cal., LLM 389

Sept. 24, 1908. R. 270-'08. Sept. 23, 1908. LLM 389

Dear Brother Reaser: LLM 389

I hope that you will not again undertake the responsibilities connected with the Southern California Conference. It would be better for you to be in another field, and let new talent come into Southern California. LLM 389.1

In some respects there are decided changes to be made in your character. Wherever you labor, you are to understand that while you are to stand as firm as a rock to principle, you are not to be a driver, but a fellow-laborer with our brethren. You are not to seek to rule, and dictate, and compel, but to be teachable in spirit, kind in disposition, and to be one with your brethren. It would be a serious mistake to place you again in a position which your past experience has shown that you have not wisdom to fill. The peculiar traits of your character lead you to desire to be a leader, but I have been shown that it would not be wisdom for you to occupy the position of the president of the Southern California Conference, another year. LLM 389.2

I write this to you lest you should suppose that because there is some hindrance to the arrival of the one who was chosen for the Presidency of Southern Calif., you should retain the position. We need for the place a man who has less confidence in his own human judgment, one who will act as Christ acted, who, though Himself the prince of life, made Himself of no reputation, and coming to a world that was all seared and marred with the curse, placed Himself as one among the most needy and dependent. When He revealed Himself to the world as its Saviour, He said, “Learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” LLM 389.3

The presidents of our conferences must be men who are not self sufficient and dictatorial. They must not give place to the idea that the office of president comprehends a vast amount of rulership. With such ideas they will leave impressions upon minds that will do injury to the work. Precious privileges will be lost to the people when presidents minutely define and direct the work of their co-laborers. LLM 389.4

As a people we are to be purified from our natural habits and desires. Our hearts must be changed, or we cannot correctly represent the Lord Jesus who gave His life for us. The Son of God took humanity upon Him that He might make it possible for humanity to take hold upon divinity through the exercise of a perfect faith. Christ is our example for the development of a perfect character. Through the strength we receive from Him, we may be overcomers. In seeking Him for those things that we need, we must exercise faith that will not be denied. We must represent Him by following humbly in His footsteps. Through belief in His merits and practice of the truth, we shall receive of His grace, and this will be revealed in kindness of heart and action and singleness of purpose. Courtesy and sympathy will be revealed in our daily lives. By a daily opening of the heart to LLM 389.5

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