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Loma Linda Messages, Page 390

truth and righteousness as they are found in Jesus, we will be able to reveal that truth and that righteousness in our dealings with others.

The Spirit of Christ is grieved when any of His followers give evidence of possessing a harsh, unfair, or exacting spirit. As laborers together with God, each should regard the other as a part of God's great firm. He desires that they shall counsel together. There is to be no drawing apart, for the spirit of independence dishonors the truth we profess. One special evidence that the love of Christ is abiding in His church is the unity and harmony which exist among its members. This is the brightest witness to the possession of true religion; for it will convert and transform the natural man, and fashion Him after the divine similitude.

The converting power of Christ is to have a telling influence in all our institutions, and this power is the agency that will overcome our individual defects of character and make us laborers together with God. By the truth held in its purity, souls will be reached who could not otherwise be influenced to obey. The Holy Spirit is to be our counselor and guide in every branch of the work. The will of God made manifest in the life reveals the power of the word to overcome every natural trait of character, and to conduct the believer “from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

I have a deep interest in you, my brother. I want you to receive the grace of our precious Saviour, that you may be sanctified soul, body, and spirit, through the belief of the truth. You are not required to set a standard of character for yourself, but to accept that standard, which if copied will lead you in the lowly steps of Jesus.

Ellen G. White.


Portion of a Letter from J. A. Burden to W. C. White, Nov. 18, 1908

I am studying most carefully the question of how our medical work should develop. I can see very plainly the wonderful help that has come to us by having the Bible work made strong. If we only had something better in the way of clinical work for advanced students it would be a great blessing. I have been taking up correspondence with the Medical Board of Examiners, also with the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association of Colleges, to learn what I could in reference to the latter question. I can see clearly if we are to launch a fully accredited college to stand along side of other medical colleges, duplicating their work, that it will be a big proposition. But if we were to do, say, three solid years’ work such as would be recognized with that of other schools, and fit workers for

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