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Loma Linda Messages, Page 391

evangelistic work at home or in foreign fields, and at the same time would be counted for about two years in a recognized medical school, it seems to me it would open the way to the accomplishment of all that we want. It would give the student that which would enable him to stand when he entered these other Medical Colleges. I am going to correspond further, to see if such a plan can be worked out. If we could obtain a charter and incorporate our college in such a way as to carry out our plans, I believe it would be a step in the right direction. LLM 390.4

I should be glad to receive any criticisms, counsel, or help on any of these points that I have suggested. LLM 391.1

***** LLM 391

Nov. 26, 1908. B-332-'08. LLM 391

Sanitarium, Calif., Nov. 25, 1908 LLM 391

Elder J. A. Burden, Loma, Linda, Calif.: LLM 391

Dear Brother Burden, LLM 391

Willie has permitted me to read your recent letter to him, in which you speak of Elder Andross’ need of help, and suggest that Elder Healey be called to Los Angeles to unite with him. LLM 391.2

There are wise reasons why this would not be for the best interests of the work in Southern California Conference. Elder Healey has not the physical strength to fit him to carry large responsibilities. Moreover, in the past his voice has sometimes been raised to counterwork moves that God has clearly indicated should be made. The Lord has in the Southern California Conference, men who can be trained to fill responsible positions and these men should be sought for. LLM 391.3

The work of the Lord must be carried forward intelligently. Clear, well-defined plans must be laid for the spread of our message. Men are needed who will manifest the spirit and the mind of Christ. He calls for men who are consecrated to Him, body, soul, and spirit, who will carry out His will in meekness and humility, respecting the counsels given by His spirit. Let every man stand in his lot and place, looking to Christ as his Guide and Counselor, and yoking up with his brethren in service for the Master. LLM 391.4

Christ will instruct those who manifest a teachable spirit. Among those who heed His instruction He will raise up men and women to act as His agents. But those who follow their (702) own wisdom, fearing to walk in harmony with the revealed plans of the Lord, can be but a hindrance to the work He desires to be performed. You, Brother Burden, have seen how the Lord has wrought when men have not placed themselves directly in the way of the working of His plans. LLM 391.5

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