Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 395

1899, several communications were received from Mrs. E. G. White, then living in Australia. Among these was an appeal for means to be used in strengthening institutional work in the Australasian Union Conference. Particular reference was made to their need of a thoroughly equipped medical institution, suitably located. It was urged that such an institution might be made a center of training and of influence in that field.

It will be remembered by many that one of the principles brought out in the course of Sister White's plea for means, was that her continued presence in a field, is an indication that a special work is to be done there.

Here is a portion of the testimony read at the South Lancaster Conference, and published on pages 130 and 131 of the 1899 “Daily Bulletin:”

The Lord says to His people in America: “When I send my servants to establish My work in a new field, and build up the interests essential to give it character, I call upon My people to sustain that work with their prayers and with their means...

“When My servant whom I have called to make known My will was sent to Australia, you in America should have understood that you had a work to do in cooperation with her. Who was it that carried out My directions in laying the foundation of the institutions in America, which have grown to such large proportions? And when My servant was sent to establish the work in a new field, could you not see that He who owns all the gold and silver was calling for your cooperation? You had obtained a standing fully abundant and ample. And when the work was to begin in another field, I would be with My servant indicate the work; and you should have been ready to aid.

“Place your money where the work of God demands help, that the medical missionary work in that new field may be made a success. The work in Australia should have been placed on such a basis that after a time it might have become self-sustaining.

“When My servants were sent to Australia, you should have understood that God would work through them, and you should have exercised liberality in apportioning means to advance the work...

“Again the word of the Lord came to me, saying: ‘I have spared your life to do My work, and wherever I send you, go, and I will send My angel with you. In no case should you be feeble in your request for the advantage of means. Wherever I send you, go, and speak My words. I will be thy mind, I will be thy judgment. All the advantages are mine. The means and facilities are Mine, and there should be no withholding. But selfishness, a desire to control, has kept the advantages in one place, so that everything is overbalanced. Call for the means God designed you to have long ago. Hold up My banner. Give honor to no human

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