Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 398

in doing “the special work” that had been “laid out,” went forward in faith. The reasons for establishing a school and a sanitarium in connection with the new center at the capital of the nation, are now beginning to be understood. Those who had the faith and the courage to advance in response to counsel given through the Spirit of Prophecy, are not rejoicing over that which has been accomplished. LLM 397.8

When these principles are applied in a study of the history of our missions work in the countries of Continental Europe, it is evident that some of the foundations laid during the period when Sister White was stationed there—1885-1887—have had much to do with the building up of a substantial, solid work, in that field along right lines. There was a divine providence in Sister White's visit to Europe just at the time she did go there—when foundations were being laid for the magnificent superstructure that we behold today. LLM 398.1

And when we turn to Australasia, we learn that those acquainted with the struggles of the men and women of faith who led out in the establishment of the Avondale School and the Wahroonga Sanitarium, in harmony with the direct leadings of the Spirit of Prophecy, are able to appreciate fully the divine providence connected with the sojourn of Sister White in that center of the Island field just at the time she was permitted to labor there. LLM 398.2

***** LLM 398

The time came when the servant of the Lord whom He had called to make known His will, was bidden to return from Australasia to America. Before leaving Australasia, she began to see the fruition of her hopes. The word of the Lord, as spoken through the human agent was being vindicated in a marked manner. And those who remained to carry on the work that had been set in operation, have with the passing years seen evidence upon evidence of the providential leadings of the Spirit of Prophecy during the formative period of the work in the Australasian Union Conference. God's promises, as spoken through His servant, are fulfilling; His word has been vindicated. LLM 398.3

Medical Missionary Work in Southern California

That there are special providences connected with Sister White's sojourn in California, and with her continued burden in behalf of medical missionary work in Southern California, but few are prepared to gainsay. Whether beyond our feeble comprehension, or not, there is a special providence connected with the establishment of Sanitariums near San Diego, Los Angeles, and in the Redlands-Riverside-San Bernardino district. Year after year since her return to America, Sister White pointed out the importance of doing a strong work in Southern California, and of establishing in that field, not one mammoth sanitarium, but several smaller institutions. It seemed as if no one fully comprehended the import of her words. Repeatedly she pointed out, LLM 398.4

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