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Loma Linda Messages, Page 400

notwithstanding their inability to see light in all that was outlined before them. As Elder Irwin recounted the special providences connected with the establishment of the Cooranbong school, and how every specification that had been outlined regarding the future work and prosperity of that school, had been met, the hearts of the brethren in responsibility in Southern California gathered courage, and the Loma Linda enterprise was recognized as a Conference enterprise.

Afterward, it is true, when the servant of the Lord began to bear them message after message pointing out the necessity of inaugurating and developing an untried and difficult line of educational work at Loma Linda, the faith of many wavered, and for a time some in authority did much to hinder the carrying forward of this new line of training. But notwithstanding all the opposition of the wavering ones, the Loma Linda enterprise has ever remained a conference enterprise.

Why did not the men in charge of Conference affairs respond to Sister White's repeated appeals to consider the advantages to be gained by purchasing the Paradise Valley property? Plainly speaking, it was because they did not see light in the counsel given. For some reason, they seemed unable to understand the matter as portrayed in the Spirit of Prophecy, and evidently they were not prepared to move forward by faith in harmony with the repeated suggestions of the Lord's servant.

Why did the Conference brethren purchase the Glendale property?—Because they had turned resolutely from the long cherished dream of establishing something great and grand in the city of Los Angeles, and had recognized the wisdom of establishing, instead, smaller sanitariums in more retired locations. Accordingly, they acted in harmony with the counsel given through the Spirit of Prophecy—after a tedious delay, it is true, of two years and more; but they finally did act, and that right heartily.

Why did the Conference brethren respond to Sister White's appeals to purchase Loma Linda?—Because, after at first opposing this, they were visited by men of large faith in God's providential leadings, and were, in turn, inspired with faith through listening to a recital of providences connected with the establishment of large enterprises in other fields.

The Proposed Transfer

As to the proposed transfer of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium to Conference control: This was in harmony with Sister White's mind, provided the Conference wished to take over the property in the right spirit, and were ready to foster the enterprise whole-heartedly.

And why was the transfer not carried through?—Simply because, to all appearances at least, the Conference officials

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