Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 408

We are not willing enough to trouble the Lord, and to ask Him for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And the Lord wants us to trouble Him in this matter. He wants us to press our petitions to the throne. The most valuable education that can be obtained will be found in going out with the message of truth to the places that are in darkness, just as the first disciples went out in obedience to the commission of Christ. The Saviour gave the disciples their directions in a few words. He told them what they might expect. “I send you forth,” He said, “as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” These workers were to go forth as the representatives of Him who gave life for the life of the world.

The Lord wants us to come into harmony with His spirit. If we will do this, His spirit can rule our minds. If we have a true understanding of what constitutes the essential education, and endeavor to teach its principles, Christ will stand by to help us. He promised His followers that when they should stand before councils and judges, they were to take no thought what they should speak. I will instruct you, He said, I will guide you. Knowing what it is to be taught of God, when words of heavenly wisdom are brought to our mind, we will distinguish them from our own thoughts. We will understand them as the words of God, and we will see in them life and power that is for us.

“I will give you tongue and utterance,” Of all the precious assurances God has given me regarding my work, none has been more precious to me than this, that He would give me tongue and utterance wherever I should go. In places where there was the greatest opposition, every tongue was silenced. I have spoken the plain message to our own people and to the multitude, and my words have been accepted as coming from the Lord.

If we will look to Him, the Lord will help us to understand what constitutes true education. It is not to be gained by putting yourself through a long course of continuous study. In such a course you will get some things that are valuable, and many things that are not. The Lord would have us become laborers together with Him. He is our helper. He would have us come close to Him and learn of Him with all humility of mind.

We are to educate the youth to exercise equally the mental and the physical powers. The healthful exercise of the whole being will give an education that is broad and comprehensive. We had stern work to do in Australia in educating parents and youth along these lines; but we persevered in our efforts until the lesson was learned that in order to have education that was complete, the time of study must be divided between the gaining of book knowledge and the securing of a knowledge of practical work. Part of each day was spent in useful work, the students learning how to clear the land, how to cultivate the soil, and to build houses, in time that would otherwise have

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