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Loma Linda Messages, Page 409

been spent in playing games and seeking amusement. And the Lord blessed the students who thus devoted their time to learning lessons on usefulness. LLM 408.5

Do not regard as most essential the theoretical part of your education. Medical students will have to follow the prescribed studies. They will listen to many theories that are contrary to truth. The Lord would have our medical students connect closely with those who believe and teach the truth. And as helpers with them they can learn how to treat the sick, and how to become faithful ministers to the sick. There are many ways by which the Lord would have us connect with these who honor and teach His word, and He will give us through this connection, a most valuable education. LLM 409.1

You may say, the world will not acknowledge us. What if the world will not acknowledge you? It is the power of God that makes the impress on the human mind. Let it be more and more deeply impressed upon every student that every one of us should have an intelligent understanding of how to treat the physical system. And there are many who would have greater intelligence in these matters if they would not confine themselves to years of study without a practical experience under the instruction of learned physicians and surgeons. The more fully you put yourself under the direction of God, the greater knowledge you will receive from God. As you keep yourself in connection with the Source of all power, and as you minister to the sick, suggestions will come to your mind how you can apply to the case in hand the principles learned in your student days. “Ye are laborers together with God.” He is to be your chief instructor. LLM 409.2

Ellen G. White LLM 409

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