Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 410

Passed by the Southern California Conference

(This was omitted from the last Conference Committee Meeting's report. It should have been included under item concerning Loma Linda and the Gen. Conf.)


To The Delegates of the Thirty Seventh Session of the General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists at Takoma Park Assembled.

We the members of the Conference Committee of Southern California, and, of the Board of Loma Linda Sanitarium, would respectfully submit the following memorial for your consideration:

At the 1901 General Conference, in an article entitled, “Instruction regarding the School Work,” read before the delegates April 22, 1901, it was pointed out that all our medical students were not to receive their training at the one medical College in Battle Creek. Of our schools that were introducing educational reforms, Sister White read: (G.C.B. 455-1901) “We are thankful that an interest is being shown in the work of establishing our schools on a right foundation, as they should have been established years ago. If the proper education is given to students, it is a positive necessity to establish our schools at a distance from cities, where the students can do manual work.” ...

Although there may be few students at first, do not be discouraged. The school will win its way. Introduce the medical missionary work. Some of the students are to be educated as nurses and some as physicians. It is not necessary for our students to go to Ann Arbor for a education. They may obtain at our schools all the education that is essential to perform the work for this time.”

It will take some time to get a right understanding of the matter, but just as soon as we begin to work in the lines of true reform the Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us if we are willing to be guided.... All must place themselves under the influence of the Holy Spirit. When they place themselves under the influence of the Spirit, they will accommodate themselves to Bible lines. When the word of God takes possession of the minds of teachers, then they are fitted to deal with the education of others.... The word of God is to stand as the foundation of all education. It is to be made the basis of all the schools that we shall establish.”

Thus we see that eight years ago, God, foreseeing the calamity that would come upon the one medical school then in operation among us, counseled the establishment of other schools in which both nurses and physicians were to be educated. As pointing out the defectiveness of the American Medical College, and the necessity of giving the Bible its proper place in medical education,

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