Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 445

we honor God, He will honor us, because we observe His Commandments, which means eternal life.

J. A. Burden: “The governments of earth provide that if we conduct a medical school, we must take a charter from the Government. That in itself has nothing to do with how the school is conducted. It is required, however, that certain studies be taught. Physiology is one of these. It is required that those who labor as physicians shall be proficient in those subjects. In starting sanitariums for the care of the sick, we must secure a charter from the government. Our printing office must do the same. Would the securing of a charter for a medical school, where our students might obtain a medical education, militate against our depending upon God?

E. G. White: “No, I do not see that it would, if a charter was secured on right terms. Only be sure that you do not exalt men above God. If you can gain force and influence that will make your work more effective without tying yourselves to worldly men, that would be right. But we are not to exalt the human above the Divine.”

Elder J. A. Burden: “That is the vital point where we have been hanging for three years. The only thing that we have asked for in this matter is to take advantage of the Government provision that would give standing room to our students when they are qualified.”

Mrs. E. G. White: “I do not see anything wrong in that as long as you do not in any way lift men above the Lord God of Israel, or throw discredit upon His power. But enter into no agreement with any fraternity that would open a door of temptation to some weak soul to lose their hold on God.”

We take this to be an unqualified statement that we are to have a chartered school for the education and training of physicians, as well as nurses. But in the conducting of this school, we are to recognize the power of God as superior to all earthly powers. And while thus relying upon Him, we have certain rights and privileges as citizens which we can use as did the apostle Paul to advantage for the truth, the right to charter our school being one of these.

We therefore solicit your endorsement and assistance in placing the school upon a successful working basis, so that it may accomplish what the Lord has designed that it shall.

We sincerely hope that you will give this question careful consideration, that the work that has now been hanging in the balance and retarded for four years, may be pushed forward with alacrity and certainty.


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