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Loma Linda Messages, Page 46

done be done without delay. Do your best to remedy the neglect of the past. The word has once more come that a sanitarium is to be set in working order near Los Angeles. If this sanitarium is conducted in harmony with the will of God, it will be a means of great blessing, a means in the Lord's hands of leading souls to the truth.


“Christ's Object Lessons”

I wish to say a few words more about the circulation of Christ's Object Lessons. My brethren, show our people what they can do in handling this book. As tourists from all parts of the world flock into Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California, let there be those who can call their attention to this book. It is full of precious truth, and as it is presented to unbelievers, angels of God will impress many to buy it. Let those who do this work keep in mind the words, “As unto the Lord”. The purpose for which it is done will invest this work with a dignity that will improve the habits, the manners, and the address of the workers. By this effort the poorest, humblest worker is linked with the great Master Worker.

In order to be ready to receive the impressions of the Holy Spirit, in order to advance in harmony with the will of the Lord, we need consecrated minds and hearts. Let not human beings seek to put their own plans and preferences in the place of God's plans. Those who do this will hinder the Lord's work. Let no one say or do anything that will discourage Christlike effort. To each one God has given his work. If every one would be zealous to do that which will increase his ability to labor, how much would be accomplished.

The Lord wants you, my brethren, to arouse to action the minds of those who do not realize that God is calling them to active service. Tell them that their obedient love, in willing effort, is to flow forth as streams in the desert. Day by day what they accomplish is to give evidence that they are laborers together with God. The work that the Lord places before them may be dreaded, but they will gain courage as they advance.

Let all do something. All can do much more than they have done. Let parents and children help. The consciousness that they are co-workers with Christ will give the workers a joy and assurance that they could gain in no other way. And not only will relief be brought to the schools, but the light of truth will be widely diffused.

The experience gained by the youth who engage in this work will be of great value to them, teaching them to improve every God-given opportunity to labor with diligence and fidelity, and with perseverance under disappointment. The Lord makes a way for all who employ the means He has

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