Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 460

I write these things because it has been presented to me as a matter of importance that our workers should so far as possible avoid everything that would imperil their health. We need to exercise the best of judgment in these matters. Feeble or aged men and women should not be sent to labor in unhealthful crowded cities. Let them labor where their lives will not be needlessly sacrificed. Our brethren who bring the truth to the cities must not be obliged to imperil their health in the noise and bustle and confusion, if retired places can be secured.

Those who are engaged in the difficult and trying work in the cities should receive every encouragement possible. Let them not be subjected to unkind criticism from their brethren. We must have a care for the Lord's workers who are opening the light of truth to those who are in the darkness of error. We have a high standard presented before us....

Now is the opportune time to work the cities; for we must reach the people there. As a people, we have been in danger of centering too many important interests in a few places. This is not good judgment nor wisdom. An interest is now to be created in the principle cities. Many small centers must be established rather than a few large centers...

Let missionaries be laboring two and two in different parts of all our large cities. The workers in each city should frequently meet together for prayer and counsel, that they may have wisdom and grace to work together effectively and harmoniously. Let all be wide awake to make the most of every advantage. Our people must gird the armor on and establish centers in all the large cities. The agencies of Satan are active in the field, putting forth efforts to confuse the minds of men, and to fill them with vain imaginations, that they may not become interested in the truth.

The people of God have received many admonitions and encouragements to advance, and it is time that the purposes of God regarding His work shall be understood by them and carried out. By cherishing unbelief in the plans and directions that have been laid out for them to follow, and by exalting human judgment, much time and valuable experience have been lost. The Lord, He is God, and beside Him there is none else. Let all now search the word of the Lord, and walk in His ways. Let the prophecies of Isaiah be studied and heeded, and the Lord will perform His part. “Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life.”

While no one should be presumptuous, there is need that wise efforts be put forth to reach many who by the ordinary methods of labor are not reached. Let the leading men and women, chosen of God, unite in carrying forward the work intelligently and in faith. I am pained when I see with some a desire for the

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