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Loma Linda Messages, Page 461

highest position, and to be honored of men. This is not the leading of the Holy Spirit. Angels of God are commissioned to labor with every company that will work humbly and intelligently. Truth and righteousness must go forth as a lamp that burneth...

Ellen G. White


To the Leading Ministers in California

Sanitarium, Calif.,

B-178-'09. Dec. 6, 1909.

Dear Brethren,

In the night watches of Nov. 22, I seemed to be bearing my testimony in a meeting where believers and unbelievers were assembled. I spoke to them in regard to the short work to be done in the earth, and our need of keeping before the world the evidences that the Lord is in our midst. This evidence may be given in words of praise and thanksgiving. Whoso offereth praise glorifieth God.” The Lord calls for faithful witnesses. With our lips and in our works, we should praise Him. As a people

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