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Loma Linda Messages, Page 473

***** LLM 473

A Message for Our Time on Medical Missionary Work

Isaiah 58, 55. LLM 473.1

These two chapters describe in a special sense our condition, our work, and its possibilities under God in Southern California. LLM 473.2

First, let us note the message to us describing our condition and the causes that have brought it. Isaiah 58:1-6. “Cry aloud and show my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins. My people, even the faithful ones in the church are guilty, for all have sinned. The real trouble is between their way and God's way. The difference in the two ways is of such a nature that they cannot be united. Isaiah 58:8, 9. Our only hope is to give up our way and accept God's way. Isaiah 65:5-7. LLM 473.3

God's way as compared with the results under our way. Isaiah 58:6-14; 55:10-13. The one is mercenary and disappointing in results, even to ourselves. The other is missionary and full of blessing to us and to others, and is crowned with everlasting success. LLM 473.4

Such is the work to which God has called us in Southern California. The appeals to this people show that God would have us give to the world a living representation of Isaiah 58:6-14. He is calling for such a representation of medical missionary work in this field as the world has not seen since the days when Jesus of Nazareth walked among men and ministered to their necessity. LLM 473.5

Here in this small territory, where the climate is so favorable, and where thousands are coming in search of health, Christ would have His people establish everywhere memorials for Him—institutions to which they may be drawn and learn of His healing power; places in which the laws of life and health shall be lived and taught in such simplicity that all may receive their benefit. LLM 473.6

Shall we not at this time study most carefully the light that has been given upon this important subject that we may understand the mind of the Lord and be able to cooperate in His plan. Is it not time to put away our unbelief and go up and possess the goodly land? If the Lord delight in us, then He will bring us into this land. Numbers 14:8. LLM 473.7

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