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Loma Linda Messages, Page 474

That we may better understand the real purpose and plan of God for the medical work in Southern California, and may better appreciate its needs, we desire to bring to your minds a few of the many definite outlines for the work sent us by the spirit of prophecy, and rehearse to you a number of providential experiences that have attended the efforts put forth to carry out the instruction given. It may be that in the light of these experiences and the instruction given, our faith shall be strengthened, and our vision cleansed to forsake our way and walk in the Lord's.

Early in 1902, the following instruction came:


To Our Sanitarium Workers in Southern California

“I have a decided message for our people in Southern California ... for months I have carried on my soul the burden of the medical missionary work in Southern California. Recently much light has been given me in regard to the manner in which God desires us to conduct sanitarium work. We are to encourage the patients to spend much of their time out-of-doors. I have been instructed to tell our brethren to keep on the look-out for cheap, desirable property in healthful places suitable for sanitarium purposes. Soon the reputation of the health resorts in Southern California will stand even higher than it stands at present. Now is our time to enter that field for the purpose of carrying forward medical missionary work. As soon as possible sanitariums are to be established in different places in Southern California. Let a beginning be made in several places. If possible, let land be purchased on which buildings are already erected. Then, as the prosperity of the work demands, let appropriate enlargements be made.

“In Southern California there are many properties for sale on which buildings suitable for sanitarium work are already erected. Some of these properties should be purchased, and medical missionary work carried forward on sensible, rational lines. Several small sanitariums are to be established in Southern California, for the benefit of the multitudes drawn there in hope of finding health. Instruction has been given me that now is our opportunity to reach the invalids flocking to the health resorts of Southern California, and that a work may be done also in behalf of the attendants.

On the night of October 10, 1901, I was unable to sleep after half past eleven at night. Many things regarding the sanitarium work were presented to me in figures and symbols. I was shown a sanitarium near Los Angeles in running order. At one place I saw sanitarium work being carried on in a beautiful building. On the grounds surrounding the building there were many fruit trees.

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