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Loma Linda Messages, Page 487

by law, and to treat understandingly the cases of those who are diseased, so that the door will be closed for any sensible physician to fear that we are not giving in our school the instruction essential for the proper qualification of a physician. Continually the students who are graduated are to advance in knowledge; for practice makes perfect.

The medical school at Loma Linda is to be of the highest order, because we have a living connection with the wisest of all physicians, from whom there is communicated knowledge of a superior order. And whatever subjects are required as essential in the school conducted by those not of our faith, we are to supply so that our youth need not go to those worldly schools. Thus we shall close the door that the enemy would be pleased to have left open; and our young men and young women, whom the Lord would have us guard religiously, will not then need to connect with worldly medical schools conducted by unbelievers.


Mountain View, Calif.,

January 27, 1910.

Dear Brother,


No man's judgment is to be regarded as a safe and infallible guide. There is a certainty in sanctified submission to the will of God, and this is the only certainty that any man has the right to stand by. Any other position of certainty than this, of humble submission to the will of God, is unsafe, and is liable to lead a man to lose his hold on God, and mar his religious experience.

Many trials come to all who are called to engage in the work of God. Those who have the responsibility of locating and fostering our sanitariums and training schools, need the advice and counsel of men of sound judgment,—men who trust not in their own supposed wisdom, but who stand ready to advance by faith in the opening providences of God, and who constantly look to the Lord for wisdom and guidance...

In this our age of the world, we claim to be, in a special sense, the Lord's chosen people, as did Israel of old. And we are, indeed, the Lord's covenant-keeping people, pledged by our baptismal vows to walk in newness of life, and in obedience to all the commandments of Holy Writ. The Lord God of Israel is our God, whom we serve. Throughout the ages, the Sabbath of Jehovah has lost none of its meaning. It is still a sign between God and His people, and will ever remain a sign.

Those who have the responsibility of locating and keeping in operation our sanitariums and schools, are ever to bear in

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