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Loma Linda Messages, Page 51

To Stand as God's Witness

W. 105'04 (March 1, 1904)

Definite instruction has been given concerning the part that medical missionary workers are to act in the work of God. They are to stand as God's witnesses, to represent the work of the great Medical Missionary, Jesus Christ,—God's Gift to our world to save men from the very mistakes that have brought the rebuke of God upon this people. Not a thread of selfishness is to be woven into the web.


The Truth, Practiced and Taught, Will Lead to the Conversion of Some

G. 33'05 (Jan. 23, ’05)

---seeking to treat the sick by correct methods, and to impart to those coming to the institution the sound doctrine of the gospel. Under the hallowed influence of such teachings souls will be converted. The truth practiced and taught by medical missionaries will be received in the heart of some, and will lead to conversion and the establishment in the heart of the true principles of righteousness.


To Engage in Soul-Saving in Our Sanitariums

B.97'05 (March 14 ’05)

Let all connected with this sanitarium (Glendale) keep in mind the purpose for which this property has been secured. The institution is to act a special part in bringing souls to Christ, leading them to love God and keep His commandments. Unless the workers have a living connection with God, unless there is seen in the institution a spirit of kindness and compassion, which will recommend Bible truth and win souls to Christ, the establishment of the sanitarium will have been in vain. Spiritual as well as physical healing is to be brought to those who come for healing...

You... may do a precious work in letting the light of present truth shine forth in clear rays. Remember that you are doing a work for time and for eternity. You should have an ever-increasing faith in the promises of God's Word. It is your privilege to seek wisdom and help from God. Come to the Saviour in humility, confessing your sins, and seeking for strength and grace.

The Holy Spirit enlightens the mind of the one who depends on the merits of a crucified and risen Saviour, and indites a prayer of confession and repentance that

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