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Loma Linda Messages, Page 56

very way that He wished it done. The workers did not follow the plan laid out by men, because God had a better plan for them. The divine guiding produced the right result... LLM 55.6

I am instructed to say to our ministers and medical missionary workers, Be careful what spirit you manifest to one another. LLM 56.1

***** LLM 56

The Training of Medical Missionaries, Not Properly Understood

B. 210'03 (Sept. 21 ’03) LLM 56

The Lord calls upon our young people to enter our schools and quickly fit themselves for service. In various places, outside of the cities, schools are to be established, where our youth can receive an education that will prepare them to go forth to do evangelical work and medical missionary work. LLM 56.2

The Lord must be given an opportunity to show men their duty, and to work upon their minds. No one is to bind himself to serve for a term of years under the direction of one group of men or in one specified branch of the Master's work; for the Lord Himself will call men, as of old He called the humble fishermen, and will Himself give them instructions regarding their field of labor and the methods they should follow. He will call men from the plow and from other occupations, to give the last note of warning to perishing souls. There are many ways in which to work for the Master, and the great Teacher will open the understanding of these workers, enabling them to see wondrous things in His Word. LLM 56.3

I have repeatedly been instructed that no one should be advised to pledge himself to spend two, three, four, five, or six years under any one man's supervision. Let students stand where they can follow the will of God. Their service belongs to Him. Their capabilities and talents are to be refined, purified, ennobled. In this lower school—the school of earth—they are to be prepared for translation into the school of heaven, where their education will be continued under the personal supervision of Christ, the great Teacher, who will lead them beside the living waters, and open to them the mysteries of the kingdom of God. LLM 56.4

***** LLM 56

The Training of Medical Missionaries

Medical missionary work is yet in its infancy. The meaning of genuine medical missionary work is known by but few. Why?—Because the Saviour's plan of work has not been followed. God's money has been misapplied. In many places practical evangelistic medical missionary work is not being done; but many of the workers who should go forth as did the disciples are being collected together and held in a few places, as they have been in the past, notwithstanding the Lord's warning that this should not be. LLM 56.5

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