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Loma Linda Messages, Page 563

***** LLM 563

Remarks of Mrs. E.G. White Regarding Aggressive Moves at Loma Linda

June 18, 1911. -5- MS. 9-1911. LLM 563

At a Meeting in the Chapel, April 20, 1911 LLM 563

(Thursday afternoon, April 20, there was a council meeting in the Loma Linda Chapel, to consider the opportunity that had just been presented to purchase from Mr. Kelly a tract of land west of the Pepper Drive and south of the Colton road, consisting of about eighty-four acres. LLM 563.1

After very brief remarks about the Vine and the Branches, and the benefits resulting from the disciplinary process of pruning, Sister White spoke of various phases of the work.) LLM 563.2

Today with Sister McEnterfer, and again with my son, I rode around the Loma Linda grounds, and took more particular notice of them than ever before; and I feel very thankful that we have such a place. Surely we ought to be a grateful people because God has brought us into possession of this beautiful place. LLM 563.3

In our meetings during this council, we have been speaking of the higher education. What is the higher education. It is to understand Christ's words and teachings, and to follow on to know the Lord. It is to know that His going forth is prepared as the morning. LLM 563.4

Today, as I looked over the place more thoroughly than ever before, and saw the grounds, the drives, and the cottages that were standing before we came here, I felt gratitude in my heart toward God, that through His providences we had been brought into possession of Loma Linda. I felt thankful also to see the improvements that have been made since we had had the place, and I thought how important it is that we make every move in accordance with the will of God. LLM 563.5

As the Lord prospers us, we should manifest our gratitude by a willingness to advance. We should see the advantage of adding to that which we already have. I feel a burden regarding LLM 563.6

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