Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 564

the danger of letting anybody come into the neighborhood to spoil the place.

There is a piece of land across the railroad, lying next to a piece already purchased, which should be secured. One day we drove over it, and all around it. We wanted to see all about it. And I am sure from the representations that have been made to me, that this piece of land ought to come into our possession. If you are wise, the next time I come here, you will have that land. I will try to help you all I can. Let us work intelligently.

There are several reasons why you should have this land. You need the produce from it for your cattle to subsist upon; this piece is close at hand, and joins that which you already have.

Here we have our school, and here many important interests are centered. We must not permit elements to come in that will tend to hinder and retard the work. It will be pleasing to the Lord if we keep our eyes wide open, and are fully awake, ready to take advantage of every circumstance that will place us in right relation to the work we have to do. It would be a grievous error for us to allow to pass an opportunity to secure this property, for we might never again have such an opportunity. I advise you to secure it before it becomes so expensive that you could not afford to buy it.

There is danger of our becoming too narrow. Those many little houses close together across the railroad do not look well. If we can get land, and have room, so as not to build any more in that way, it will be better.

You need the land, and it will be a matter of regret by and by if it is not secured. Do not make any delay to take steps that will prevent its being taken up by those who would plan for unbelievers to crowd into it. We should keep them out. If we do this, we shall have reason to rejoice.

The Lord is well pleased with what you have already done here at Loma Linda. When one sees the prosperity that has attended the work, and the spirit of consecration that prevails, the conviction deepens that you are working in harmony with God.

I desire that all the work of this place shall be a correct representation of what our health institutions should be. Let everything that we lay our hands to, show the result of the moving of the Spirit of God upon the human heart. This will be evidence that we have the higher education. Workers whose hearts are in obedience to the movings of the Spirit of God will make this place what God desires it to be. I am surprised, happily surprised to see everything looking so well. It is beyond my

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