Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 579


Regarding the Purchase of Land Adjoining Loma Linda

Aug. 29, 1911.-5- Ms.-13-1911.

Loma Linda is an important center. We needed this place and all its advantages. We were successful in obtaining it, and we have had success in operating it, notwithstanding the opposition shown by some who should have been acting as helpers in the effort to equip the sanitarium properly. I have a deep interest in Loma Linda. It is a beautiful place. For sanitarium work, we could not have a more favorable situation. And it is well adapted for the other lines of work that we desire to see done there.

Recently the question arose about securing more of the nearby land that is for sale. One piece, a tract of 86 acres, has already been purchased, and there is another of 47 acres joining the Loma Linda property, which is now offered for sale. Because this piece of land is so near to our Loma Linda buildings, we do not want to see it sold to outsiders, who will divide it up, and sell it to those who may desire to crowd into this neighborhood. In the night season I was talking to our brethren, telling them that this must not be allowed, and pointing out what unfavorable results would follow. If this

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