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Loma Linda Messages, Page 580

piece of land should be purchased by outsiders, and divided up and sold to those who would be no help to our work, the injury to Loma Linda would be serious and lasting. I cannot bear the thought of this. Cannot a group of individuals who are alive to the vital interests of the Lord's work, unite together and make this land our property? Then if we wish to sell any portion of it, let it be sold to our people. There is an orange orchard on the place, and this could be handled to advantage by the sanitarium. The institution is hardly complete without the control of this orange orchard. LLM 579.2

Will not some of our brethren who thus far have invested but little in Loma Linda, help the Lord's cause by assisting in the purchase of this piece of land? I place this matter before you, feeling sure that you will not allow the land to pass into the hands of unbelievers. We ought not to place ourselves where we shall become unfavorably associated with those who could make it hard for us if they chose to do so, and restrict us to certain limits. LLM 580.1

Families and institutions should learn to do more in the cultivation and improvement of land. If people only knew the value of the products of the ground, which the earth brings forth in their season, more diligent efforts would be made to cultivate the soil. All should be acquainted with the special value of fruit and vegetables fresh from the orchard and garden. As the number of patients and students increase, more land will be needed. Grape vines should be planted, thus making it possible for the institution to produce its grapes. The orange orchard that is on the place would be an advantage. LLM 580.2

We must have room to keep ourselves distinct as a Sabbath-keeping people. The Lord has given directions that we are to make provision which will prevent our being harassed and inconvenienced by having to crowd in with unbelievers. I wish I might make on your minds the impression that has been made on mine regarding this matter. LLM 580.3

If a portion of this land must be sold, we can sell it to the friends of the institution. LLM 580.4

***** LLM 580

An Appeal in Behalf of our Medical College

Sanitarium, Calif.. LLM 580

MS-15-1911 Aug. 29, 1911. LLM 580

The proper development of the work at Loma Linda calls for prayerful thought and planning, that the instruction which the Lord has given concerning the work there may be fulfilled. Our people in the Eastern and Middle States, as well as those on the Pacific Coast, should feel an intense interest that a special LLM 580.5

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