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Loma Linda Messages, Page 581

work be done at Loma Linda at the present time. It fills me with anxiety to think that any who seek to obtain the benefits of the education that Loma Linda can give, should be turned away because the buildings are insufficient to give them a place. That some patients have had to be turned away from the Sanitarium has caused me sorrow. The work of the Medical College at Loma Linda must not be crippled for lack of room. There must be some way devised to enlarge quickly the buildings for the rooming of students, so that those who seek a training may not be turned away.

The students at Loma Linda are seeking for an education that is after the Lord's order, an education that will help them to develop into successful teachers and laborers for others. When their education there is completed, they should be able to go forth and join the intelligent workers in the world's great harvest fields who are carrying forward the work of reform that is to prepare a people to stand in the day of Christ's coming. Everywhere workers are needed who know how to combat disease and give skillful care to the sick and suffering. We should do all in our power to enable those who desire to be thus fitted for service, to gain the necessary training. I am instructed that those among us who have means should become God's agencies in this work.

Our people should become intelligent in the treatment of sickness without the aid of poisonous drugs. Many should seek to obtain the education that will enable them to combat disease in its varied forms by the most simple methods. Thousands have been restored to health by simple methods of treatment. Let diligent study be united with faithful ministry. Let prayers of faith be offered by the bedside of the sick. Let the sick be encouraged to claim the promises of God for themselves. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Christ Jesus, the Saviour of men, is to be brought into our labors and councils more and more.

I am instructed that there are among us those who should become God's agents to labor for the advancement of this work. The Lord would be pleased to see our people who have means using it freely in opening the way for workers to get a training as medical missionaries. To those who have money we say, Make your donations. The Lord has given us great advantages in bringing into our possession such institutions as Loma Linda. Let us cooperate with Him in making these places a blessing to humanity. By liberal gifts let us say to the burden-bearers at Loma Linda, “Put up your men's dormitory quickly.”

Elders Irwin and Corliss have been selected to visit our brethren in some of the larger conferences, and to ask for immediate help for Loma Linda. Others also are to be appointed to prepare the way for the work to go forward at Loma Linda. The Lord has made it possible for this place to stand as a training center for medical evangelists. A good beginning has been made, but the work must broaden. Help is needed at this time. Let us make room for the carrying forward of the grand work that

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