Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 59

You are to be strong in the strength of God, grounded in the hope of the gospel. You are acquainted with God's requirements and I beg of you not to remain a weakling. You possess qualifications that if rightly used would make you a blessing in the world. Arise in your God-given dignity, living the truth in its purity. Christ is ready to pardon you, to take away your sins, and make you free. He is ready to purify your heart, and give you the sanctification of His Spirit. As you commit yourself to His service, He will be at your right hand to help you. Day by day you will be strengthened and ennobled. Looking to the Saviour for help, you will be a conqueror, yes, more than a conqueror over the temptations that beset you. You will become more and more like Christ. The angels of heaven will rejoice to see you standing on the Lord's side, in righteousness and true holiness.

I am very hopeful that you will become all that the Lord desires you to be,—a gospel medical missionary. You are to be not only an increasingly skillful physician, but one of the Lord's appointed missionaries, in all your work placing His service first. Let nothing mar your peace. Give your heart's best and holiest affections to Him who gave His life that you might be among the redeemed family in the heavenly courts. Striving for the crown of life will not make you dissatisfied or less useful. The great Teacher desires to acknowledge you as His helping hand. He calls for your cooperation. Will you not now give Him all that you have and are? Will you not consecrate your talents to His service?


Medical Missionaries to Unite with Ministers

MS. 46 ’04 (May 18 ’04)

My brethren, the Lord calls for unity, for oneness,.. We are to be one in the faith. I want to tell you that when the gospel ministers and the medical missionary workers are not united, there is placed on our churches the worst evil that can be placed there. Our medical missionaries ought to be interested in the work of our Conferences, and our Conference workers ought to be as much interested in the work of our medical missionaries.


Every One to Work as Christ Worked

Ms. 94 ’03 (Copied Aug. 27 ’03)

Our youth... are not to be bound about, so that they cannot develop. They should daily be given the highest motives to advance. They should attend our schools, and the teachers should work with them, and pray with them. They should leave these schools true medical missionaries, firmly bound up with the gospel ministry.

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