Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 590

A Statement Regarding Some Interviews With Mrs. E. G. White

(Feb. 13, 1912.)

Shortly after I reached the office on Tuesday, February 13, 1912, Sister White came into my room, and told me that she had had a strange experience the night before, and experience somewhat similar to that which she passed through during the session of the Pacific Union Conference held at Mountain View in January 1910, when it had seemed as if she were being torn to pieces by the powers of darkness. She said that she had been struggling all night with unseen agencies that were striving to oppress and discourage and thus defeat the purposes of God. The struggle had been a long and wearing one, and at times had seemed as if the enemy might obtain the mastery; but finally, toward morning, the Lord had helped her to gain a decisive victory. The trying experience had left her, however, very weak, and she feared that during the day she would not be able to do much writing.

Sister White went on to say that it had seemed during the night as if some of the brethren were misrepresenting matters by placing unfair interpretations upon her writings. The counsels she had given, were being misapplied. Several times, in the course of our conversation, she used the words, misinterpret and misapply; and she brought out clearly the thought that some were making an unwise and an unwarranted use of isolated passages in her writings which, taken out of their original setting, seemed to vindicate and uphold their own policies, and to indicate that

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