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Loma Linda Messages, Page 591

God's cause should be held back. She added that she had been instructed to meet these misinterpretations of her writings by preparing proper presentations, thus meeting the plans of the enemy, and bringing victory to the cause. LLM 590.2

***** LLM 591

The Purchase of Land at Loma Linda

Sunday forenoon, February 25, Sister White again came into my office room, and after spending a few minutes in conversation over various matters pertaining to the manuscript work, she began to outline quite fully her experience in connection with the control of tracts of land adjacent to the Loma Linda Sanitarium. She spent fully half an hour in conversation on this one point, and emphasized the necessity of our being wide awake at times when we have opportunity to gain control of properties close by our leading institutions. LLM 591.1

Sister White pointed out the advantages of our having control of certain farming lands close by Loma Linda, and even if we should not think best to have them owned always by the institution. She said that it is far better for us to have the deciding voice as to the future disposition of these lands, than allow speculators to come in and subdivide and sell to any one who may choose to buy. LLM 591.2

She pointed out the fact that there are loyal men or large means who at some time may wish to settle close by Loma Linda, and that these brethren, if thought best, could be permitted to purchase portions of the land we are now seeking to control, and could stand as bulwarks against the invasion of the Loma Linda neighborhood by unfriendly parties. LLM 591.3

Sister White also said that the growing needs of Loma Linda may make it advisable for the institution to control the farming lands in the future, so as to make suitable provision for the feeding of their stock, etc. LLM 591.4

Over and over again she emphasized the importance of the opportunity we now have to reveal wisdom by keeping these properties under our own control, even if we could not immediately decide just what disposition ought finally to be made of them; for the interest on the investment required would be largely met by the annual crops that might be produced, and in the end we should not be the losers, even if we should some day decide to sell the lands to those who are favorable to the objects for which the institution has been founded. She said she was sure that our brethren who are gifted with wise discernment will appreciate the advantage of our handling these properties ourselves, thus conserving the interests of the institution, rather than to allow speculators to step in and handle the properties for selfish gain, regardless of the interests of the institution. LLM 591.5

***** LLM 591

Wednesday morning, February 28, Sister White called me to her office room, and after going over some manuscript work relating to our cause in the Southern States, she dwelt on the LLM 591.6

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