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Loma Linda Messages, Page 592

importance of our preparing the publishing proper historical compilations on important missionary enterprises that have been undertaken and carried forward under the special guidance of the Holy Spirit, by workers of large faith. She referred particularly to the story of the work in the South, the story of the earlier experience of our workers in Europe, and the story of the rise and development of the third angel's message in Australia. During the course of our conversation along these lines, Sister White abruptly turned the conversation toward Loma Linda matters, and said that some of the brethren have thought it rather strange that she should take so active a part in the matter of our brethren at Loma Linda securing control of the farming lands lying close by the institutions.

Sister White said that when these lands were offered for sale, there were those who would have been glad to purchase them, to sell again as a matter of financial profit.

She told me that while at Loma Linda, she was instructed during the night season, “Beware.” She awoke, and immediately fell asleep again, when she was further instructed that it was her duty to make proper presentation of the Loma Linda work before the people, just as she had thought of preparing histories of the early experiences of our workers in the South, in Europe, and in Australia, and in connection with the sanitarium and publishing enterprises.

Sister White said further that the angel instructed her that there are those who, because of their fear of the consequences of advancing by faith in the opening providences of God in connection with the development of the Loma Linda enterprise, might make a wrong use of her writings concerning the conduct of the work. She was also instructed that there are still others who, in their eagerness to press the work forward, might go too far, if left alone and unaided in their efforts to present to the people the encouraging counsels that have been given regarding the Loma Linda enterprise. In view of this situation, she was instructed that it was her duty to take an active part in the preparation of a correct presentation of the Loma Linda enterprise in all its general features, for publication at an early date.

Then Sister White began to speak again of the advantages we shall gain by making a wise use of the farming lands that have recently been secured by friends of the institution. I asked her particularly if she had been instructed to prepare some of her writings regarding Loma Linda, for publication, and she answered in the affirmative, and immediately began speaking again of the control of adjacent properties. She emphasized repeatedly the necessity of our being wide awake, at times when the enemy seeks to thwart the purposes of God concerning the advancement of His work in important centers.

Sanitarium, Calif.

Feb. 28, 1912.

Clarence C. Crisler

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