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Loma Linda Messages, Page 62

We must be sanctified, soul and body, through the truth; then we shall honor the name, Medical Missionary. Oh, this name means so much! It calls for a representation altogether different from the representation given by many who bear it. Soon these will understand how far they have departed from the principles of heaven, and how greatly they have grieved the heart of Christ.


Every One to Work as Christ Worked

K. 181 ’03 (Sept. 2 ’03)

The real end of the gospel is to develop in human beings supreme, sanctified love for God and unselfish love for one another. This love is not a fitful impulse; it is not merely the exercise of benevolence, or philanthropy; it is the fruit of a heart purified from all defilement.

The gospel was made known by God to raise human beings from sin to righteousness. He who receives the gospel constantly reaches out for the divine, perseveringly taking hold of the strength of the Saviour. His heart is an abiding place for the Holy Spirit. Day by day He shows forth the praises of Him who has called Him out of darkness into His marvelous light.

Does not this help you to see the full significance of being a gospel medical missionary? Every one who bears the name of medical missionary is to work as Christ worked. The love of Christ in his heart is to make him an example to others. He is to serve the Lord with all humility of mind, doing his appointed work, to accomplish, not his own ends, but God's purpose.


Medical Missionaries to be Thoroughly Educated in Bible Lines

J. 178'03 (Aug. 2 ’03)

The very same reasons that were given for the removal of the old Battle Creek College from Battle Creek, should now lead our brethren to decide to train in other places the youth who now expect to prepare themselves for medical missionary work. Those who expect to become medical missionary workers must be thoroughly educated in Bible lines. They should have the very best spiritual advantages, in order that they may be fitted to teach and to train others.

My brother, I am surprised that you are found asleep on this point. I declare unto you, in the name of the Lord, that the arrangements being made for the training of medical missionaries in Battle Creek are not right. A great work is to be done in a short time, and God forbids that we should encourage so many of our youth to bind themselves up for three, or four, or six years of training, before engaging

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