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Loma Linda Messages, Page 64

humanity may be reached with the glad tidings of healing through Christ. In these institutions the sick may be taught to commit their cases to the great Physician, who will cooperate with their earnest efforts to regain health, bringing to them healing of soul as well as healing of body.

Christ is no longer in this world in person, to go through our cities and towns and villages healing the sick. He has commissioned us to carry forward the medical missionary work that He began and in this work we are to do our very best. Institutions for the care of the sick are to be established, where men and women suffering from disease may be placed under the care of God-fearing physicians and nurses, and be treated without drugs.


Labor in Connection with the Gospel Ministry

K. 21 ’04 (Jan. 2 ’04)

I am glad that you see the evil influence of division. Had you put yourself where you should have been, there would long ago have been a united company, and a medical missionary Work, in connection with the gospel ministry, would have had a far-reaching influence for good. This I know; for the truth has been represented to me too clearly for me to turn away from it.


Make the Bible Your Man of Counsel. Your Acquaintance with it Will Grow Rapidly If You Keep Your Mind from Rubbish

B 241 ’03 (Oct. 17 ’03)

The one book that is essential for all to study is the Bible. Studied with reverence and godly fear, it is the greatest of all educators. In it there is no sophistry. Its pages are filled with truth. Would you gain a knowledge of God and Christ, whom He sent into the world to live and die for sinners? An earnest diligent study of the Bible is necessary in order to gain this knowledge.

Many of the books piled up in the great libraries of earth confuse the mind more than they aid the understanding. Yet men spend large sums of money in the purchase of such books, and years in their study, when they have within their reach a book containing the words of Him who is the Alpha and Omega of wisdom. The time spent in a study of these books might better be spent in gaining a knowledge of Him whom to know aright is life eternal. Those only who gain this knowledge will at last hear the words, “Ye are complete in Him.”

Study the Bible more, and the theories of the medical fraternities less, and you will have greater spiritual

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