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Loma Linda Messages, Page 68

be molded and fashioned after the similitude of Christ, in order that all their work and their relation to God's cause may be in harmony with His purpose. God calls upon every physician and every other medical missionary worker to take his stand on the platform of truth, where he shall not be influenced by any man's false theories and wrong devising. The pure, living principles of the gospel are to be respected. God has a people in His church who are laboring just as disinterestedly to save sinners, as the medical missionary workers have been laboring. He calls upon His medical missionary workers to labor unitedly with His church, and not to allow any physician to control their efforts by his authority. The Lord now calls upon His people to unify. Let all our medical missionaries unite with our ministers in soul-saving work. LLM 67.6

Nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of perfect, complete unity between the medical missionary workers and the gospel ministry. God has not empowered Dr. Kellogg with spiritual grace to be a lord over all our physicians and other medical missionaries. It is time that the teachings of the great Medical Missionary should be brought into the life-practices of our Medical Missionary workers. It is time that God's voice should be heard; for His words, spoken in truth, are spirit and life. He never makes a mistake. LLM 68.1

If Dr. Kellogg would unite with His ministering brethren and give them his confidence, believing that they will work as Christ works through them, then he himself could see that others should be granted the privilege of standing in their God-given lot and place, and that he should respect all whom God has called as gospel missionaries to work in His cause. Working as Christ worked, our brethren would not be divided at all. But so long as our brother determines to carry things in his own way, irrespective of the Lord's workers, as if he were the only man whom heaven could acknowledge as a leader, God is displeased. If he were to occupy his proper place, he would be respected; but never is he to be regarded as he has regarded himself,—as chief of all the medical missionary workers; as one who has the privilege of consulting only those who exalt him, and of ignoring as not worthy of acting a part in the great medical missionary work, all the gospel ministers who disapprove of some of his ideas. LLM 68.2

***** LLM 68

Companies Organized and Educated Most Thoroughly to Work as Nurses, as Evangelists, as Ministers, as Canvassers

Ms. 25 ’03 (Copied April 9 ’03) LLM 68

No arrangements should be made to gather a large number of students at any one place. For just as surely as this is done, the stamp of the educator's mold will be imparted to the student's mind and character. If the mind of the teacher is radical, or if it is not complete, where it ought to be perfect through Christ Jesus, the students will show the defective stamp. LLM 68.3

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