Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 79

To Our Brethren and Sisters in Southern California

Los Angeles, Cal.

Dec. 12, 1904.

I am instructed to bear a message to you. You have a great work to do in soul-saving, but you cannot accomplish this work by following man-made plans and human devisings.

Special light has been given me regarding the character and magnitude of the work to be done in Los Angeles. Several times messages have been given regarding the duty that rest (rests) upon us of proclaiming the third angel's message with power in that city.

And now, as we see that the Lord has blessed the labor of Brother Simpson and his faithful helpers, and that large additions have been made to the Los Angeles church, it is our duty to be wide-awake to the privileges and opportunity of the hour. Wherever such an interest is awakened as that which is now manifested in Los Angeles, men of the best ability should be called in to help with the work. They should enter heartily into the work of visiting and holding Bible-readings with those newly come to the faith, and with those interested, laboring to establish them in the faith. The new believers are to be carefully instructed, that they may have an intelligent knowledge of the various lines of work committed to the church of Christ. One or two men should not be left alone with the burden of such a work.

For a long time our people in Southern California have had messages from the Lord that there should be sanitariums near Los Angeles. For want of means the work has been delayed. But not long ago a building at Glendale, eight miles from Los Angeles was purchased, and is now being fitted up for the work. I have visited the building and can say that it is beautifully situated and is well adapted for sanitarium work.

Ample treatment rooms are being added to the building, which will soon be fully equipped. Between twenty and thirty rooms are being furnished, and as soon as money is provided for its purchase, a much-needed heating plant will quickly be installed.

We hope that our people in Southern California will come quickly and heartily to the support of this sanitarium, so providently placed in our hands, and that it may begin without delay to do its work.

The Lord has not been honored or glorified by the past showing of the sanitarium work in Southern California. This work has been greatly hindered because men have relied upon human devising, instead of following the Lord's leading. Dependence has been placed upon human wisdom,

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