Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 9

operation. I call your attention to this enterprise, that you may not lay more plans than you can well carry out.

“You are men of varied talents, and you are right on the ground. The Lord will be your instructor in all matters if you will seek His counsel in faith. If He gives you light in the matter, then you can move with assurance. Now is the time for you to ask of the Lord wisdom, and submit your plans to Him. It is an excellent opportunity for you to receive an individual experience. Plan wisely; move guardedly; and the Lord will certainly be your helper.

“I feel a deep interest in the work at Loma Linda. The plans you suggest seem to be essential; but you need to assure yourselves that they can be safely carried. You should not make hasty moves that will involve heavy indebtedness.

“The work which you propose will require wise business men and efficient physicians. If you had the talent and means to carry such responsibilities, we should be glad to see your plans carry. But the sanitarium must be your first consideration. May the Lord give you wisdom and grace to bear these responsibilities as He would have you. This institution must have all the talent that is needed to make it a success.”

March 24, 1908, Sister White wrote further

“I have clear instructions that wherever it is possible, schools should be established near our sanitariums, that each institution may be a help to the other. But I dare not advise that steps be taken at this time to branch out so largely in the educational work at Loma Linda that a great outlay of means will be required to erect new buildings. Our faithful workers at Loma Linda must not be overwhelmed with such great responsibilities that they will be in danger of becoming worn and discouraged.

“I am charged to caution you against building extensively for the accommodation of students. It would not be wise to invest at this time so large a capital as would be required to equip a medical college that would properly qualify physicians to stand the test of the medical examinations of the different State (s).

“A movement should not now be inaugurated that would add greatly to the investment upon the Loma Linda property. Already there is a large debt resting upon the institution, and discouragement and perplexity would follow if this indebtedness were to be greatly increased. As the work progresses, new improvements may be added from time to time as they are found necessary. An elevator should soon be installed in the main building. But there is need of strict economy. Let our brethren move cautiously and wisely, and plan no more than they can handle without being overburdened.

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