Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 177

We feel deeply interested to see our cities worked. We hope that our workers in Boston will have courage in the Lord. The Lord is soon to come, and there is need that every talent shall be improved.

I have seen the city of San Francisco, and what a scene of devastation it presents. We were an hour and a half riding through the ruins. As we looked at such complete destruction, we could hardly realize that the largest city in California was in ruins.

We shall do all we possibly can to get the truth before the people now. The special number of the “Signs” is a medium through which much good will be accomplished.

If I were twenty-five years younger, I would certainly take up labor in the cities. But I must reach them with the pen.

Looking at the tall buildings in San Francisco, some of them having one side still standing, it seemed to say, The touch of the Lord's finger will lay in ruins the most costly and the highest of buildings. One of the standing walls of these high structures came down with a crash as we were looking at it. The completeness of the ruin cannot be described ...

We know not what may come next to arouse the people to investigate Bible truth. The day of the Lord will come unlooked for, as a thief in the night. If these awful calamities do not make an impression on our minds, what will?

“Be ye also ready, for in such a day as ye think not the Son of man cometh.”

Ellen G. White


Elmshaven, Sanitarium, Calif.

B.-204-'06 June 17, 1906.

Dear Brother Burden,

For several days I have thought of writing you, but could not because so many things demanding immediate attention have come in. I may have written to you regarding the equipment of your treatment rooms, but fearing that I have not. I will come right to the point.

When we were at the Paradise Valley Sanitarium, we were conducted through the new treatment rooms. One room was elaborately fitted up with electrical appliances for giving the patients treatment. That night I was instructed that some connected with the institution were introducing things for the treatment of the sick that were not safe. The application of some of these electrical treatments would involve the patient in serious difficulties, imperiling life.

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