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Loma Linda Messages, Page 342

medical missionary work. He was a healing power; “I will have mercy and not sacrifice,” He said. This is the test that the great Author of truth used to distinguish between true religion and false.

God wants His medical missionaries to act with the tenderness and compassion that Christ would show were He in our world. Is it not time that we understood that not a sparrow falls to the ground without the notice of our heavenly Father?—Unpub. MS. (MS. 117'03)

7. Every Church Member to Engage in Medical Missionary Work

We have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work. The world is a lazar-house filled with victims of both physical and spiritual disease. Everywhere people are perishing for lack of a knowledge of the truths that have been committed to us. The members of the church are in need of an awakening, that they may realize their responsibility to impart these truths. Those who have been enlightened by the truth are to be lightbearers to the world. To hide our light at this time is to make a terrible mistake. The message to God's people today is, “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” “Test. for the Church.” Vol. VII, p. 62. (Read further.)

The medical missionary work should be a part of the work of every church in our land. Disconnected from the church, it would soon become a strange medley of disorganized atoms.—Test. for the Church, Vol. VI. 289.

Much good can be done by those who do not hold diplomas as fully accredited physicians. Some are to be prepared to work as competent physicians. Many, working under the direction of such ones, can do acceptable work without spending so long a time in study as it has been thought necessary to spend in the past.—Unpub. Test. (MS. 125'03)

Workers—gospel medical missionaries—are needed now. We cannot afford to spend years in preparation. Soon doors now open to the truth will be forever closed. Carry the message now. Do not wait, allowing the enemy to take possession of fields now open before you. Let little companies go forth to do work to which Christ appointed His disciples. Let them labor as evangelists, scattering our publications, talking of the truth to those they meet, praying for the sick, and, if need be, treating them, not with drugs, but with nature's remedies. Let the workers remember always that they are dependent on God.

8. The Training of Physicians and Nurses

Great care should be exercised in the training of young people for the medical missionary work; for the mind is molded by that which it receives and retains. Too much incomplete work has been done in the education given. The most useful education is that gained by study in connection with practical work.

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