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Sketches from the Life of Paul, Page 8

Sketches from the Life of Paul

Table of Contents

1. Saul the Persecutor9
2. Conversion of Saul21
3. Paul Enters Upon His Ministry32
4. Ordination of Paul and Barnabas40
5. Preaching Among the Heathen52
6. Jew and Gentile62
7. Imprisonment of Paul and Silas72
8. Opposition at Thessalonica81
9. Paul at Berea and Athens87
10. Paul at Corinth98
11. Epistles to the Thessalonians109
12. Apollos at Corinth118
13. Paul at Ephesus128
14. Trials and Victories of Paul140
15. Paul to the Corinthians149
16. Second Epistle to the Corinthians172
17. Paul Revisits Corinth183
18. Paul's Last Journey to Jerusalem194
19. Meeting With the Elders207
20. Paul a Prisoner214
21. Trial at Caesarea234
22. Paul Appeals to Caesar246
23. Address Before Agrippa252
24. The Voyage and Shipwreck261
25. Arrival at Rome272
26. Sojourn at Rome280
27. Caesar's Household289
28. Paul at Liberty301
29. The Final Arrest304
30. Paul Before Nero310
31. Paul's Last Letter318
32. Martyrdom of Paul and Peter328


All who have read the life of Christ as presented in volumes two and three of “The Great Controversy,” will welcome another book by the same writer treating in a similar manner upon the life and labors of the apostle Paul. Among the many valuable works upon the life of Paul, this book occupies a field peculiarly its own. The historical narrative is traced down in a clear and connected manner, from the time of Paul's first dealings with the church as a persecutor, until he was “offered up” as a willing sacrifice for the cause which he had learned to love more than his own life. Besides this, from his labors and sufferings, and from the instruction which he gave to the churches under his care, practical moral lessons are drawn for the church of today. This is the distinctive feature of the book, and is that which makes it particularly valuable.

The writer of this book, having received especial help from the Spirit of God, is able to throw light upon the teachings of Paul and their application to our own time, as no other authors are prepared to do. She has not suffered herself to be drawn aside to discuss theories, or to indulge in speculation. No extraneous matter is introduced. Consequently much that is contained in other books, which is interesting to the curious, and has a certain value, but which is after all little more than theory, finds no place in this work.

Of course in a book of this size the vast amount of instruction contained in Paul's epistles could be considered only in part. Some of these are not referred to, others are passed by with a simple mention, and none of them are fully canvassed. Enough of them are mentioned, however, to enable the reader to enter into the spirit which actuated the great apostle. And if the perusal of this volume shall lead the reader to lay hold upon the hope which sustained Paul in his labors and trials, and shall help him to fight the good fight of faith, the object of its publication will be accomplished.


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