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Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, Page 229

Chapter 38—Visit to Oregon

By the close of the winter of 1877-78, which was spent in California, my husband had improved in health; and as the weather in Michigan had become mild, he returned to Battle Creek, that he might have the benefit of treatment at the Sanitarium.

I dared not accompany my husband across the plains; for constant care and anxiety, and inability to sleep, had brought upon me heart difficulties which were alarming. We felt keenly as the hour of separation drew on. We knew not that we should meet again in this world. My husband was returning to Michigan, and we had decided that it was advisable for me to visit Oregon, and bear my testimony there to those who had never heard me.

The Voyage

In company with a lady friend and Elder J. N. Loughborough, I left San Francisco on the afternoon of June 10, 1878, upon the steamer Oregon. Captain Conner, who had charge of this splendid steamer, was very attentive to his passengers. As we passed through the Golden Gate into the broad ocean, it was very rough. The wind was against us, and the steamer pitched fearfully, while the ocean was lashed into fury by the wind. I watched the clouded sky, the rushing waves leaping mountain high, and the spray reflecting the colors of the rainbow. The sight was fearfully grand, and I was filled with awe while contemplating the mysteries of the deep. It is terrible in its wrath. There is a fearful beauty in the lifting up of its proud waves with roaring, and then falling

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