Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, Page 261

Chapter 43—Restoration of Health

In April, 1882, the California Conference opened a school in Healdsburg, which was soon incorporated as the Healdsburg College. Desiring to be near this institution, Mrs. White purchased a home on the outskirts of the town, and made this her residence for several years.

One year after her husband's death, she was at this new home, and friends remarked about how well she appeared, and spoke of her active labors.

August 22 she went to Oakland to welcome from the East Elder Uriah Smith, Elder and Mrs. Wm. Ings, and Prof. C. C. Ramsey and family. Three days later, at the home of her son, W. C. White, she had a severe chill, followed with fever, and notwithstanding thorough treatments by Mrs. Dr. C. F. Young, and faithful nursing by Mrs. Ings and Mary Chinnock, the malarial chills continued till September 10. Although very weak, she desired to be taken to the St. Helena Sanitarium, believing that the superior climate of the mountains would be favorable to her recovery.

September 15 the journey was made in a wheel chair, which was lifted into the baggage car at the station. After a few days of treatment at the Sanitarium, without any apparent benefit, she pleaded to be taken to her home in Healdsburg. A bed was arranged in a spring wagon, and, accompanied by her son and Mrs. Ings, she accomplished the wearisome journey of thirty-five miles.

The annual camp meeting of the California Conference was to be held at Healdsburg October 6-16.

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