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Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, Page 309

Chapter 47—In Confirmation of Confidence

During the summer of 1890, Mrs. White devoted much of her time to writing. In October she was urged to attend general meetings in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, and Maryland. After a few days spent in Adams Center, N. Y., she attended a general meeting at South Lancaster, Mass. On the journey from South Lancaster to Salamanca, N. Y., she caught a severe cold, and found herself at the beginning of the Salamanca meeting much wearied as the result of the ten days of arduous labor at South Lancaster, and heavily burdened with hoarseness and a sore throat.

About two hundred had assembled from all parts of Pennsylvania and southwestern New York. The meetings were held mostly in the opera house, but Sabbath afternoon and evening they were held in the Congregational church. Mrs. White spoke Sabbath afternoon on the necessity of a greater effort on the part of our churches to cherish faith and love. Sunday morning she spoke in the opera house. There was a large audience, filling all the seats and aisles, and crowding about the platform close to the speaker. Her subject was temperance, and she dwelt largely upon the duty of parents so to train their children to habits of fidelity and self-denial, that they need not be overcome when tempted to drink intoxicating liquors.

After this meeting, Mrs. White was so thoroughly exhausted that her secretary, Miss Sara McEnterfer, urged her to return to her home in Battle Creek, and take treatment at the Sanitarium. Elder A. T.

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