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Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, Page 344

Chapter 50—The First Australian Camp Meeting

“We are glad to announce to our people,” wrote Elder A. G. Daniells late in September, 1893, to the brethren and sisters throughout Australia, “that the time has come when the executive committee of the Conference see their way clear to carry out the wishes of so many to hold a camp meeting.” Some had been waiting eagerly for such an announcement, and it came as welcome news to the rank and file of the believers scattered far and wide through the Australian colonies.

Among the general laborers advertised to attend were Elder O. A. Olsen, president of the General Conference; Mrs. Ellen G. White; and some brethren whom the Mission Board were sending over from America to supplement the small force of workers in the Australian field. The promise of ample help led Elder Daniells to add to his appeal the words, “This will be a rare occasion,—one which we may not have again for years,—and we truly hope that but few of our people will be denied the privilege of being present.” The Bible Echo, October 1, 1893, 320.

Much faith was required to plan for a general camp meeting to which the brethren and sisters from all the colonies should be invited to come. The traveling expenses alone seemed almost prohibitive because of the great distances to be traversed. But the need of getting together was imperative, and therefore the believers were urged strongly to attend. “This meeting,” Mrs. White declared, “will mark a new era in the history of the work of God in this field. It is

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