Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, Page 7

Table of Contents

I. Childhood17-19
II. Conversion20-25
   Early Impressions
   A Spiritual Revival
   Righteousness by Faith
   The Burden Lifted
   “In Newness of Life”
   Uniting with the Methodist Church
III. Strivings Against Doubt26-31
   The Advent Cause in Portland
   In Perplexity over Sanctification
   The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment
IV. Beginning of Public Labors32-42
   Dream of Temple and Lamb
   Dream of Seeing Jesus
   Friendly Sympathy and Counsel
   My First Public Prayer
   A View of the Father's Love
   Bearing Testimony
   Laboring for Young Friends
V. Separation from the Church43-53
   Doctrinal Differences
   The Hope of the Second Advent
   Last Testimony in Class Meeting
   Spreading the Advent Message
   The Immortality Question
   The Pastor's Visit
   The Church Trial

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