Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, Page 97

Chapter 13—Marriage and United Labors

August 30, 1846, I was united in marriage to Elder James White. Elder White had enjoyed a deep experience in the advent movement, and his labors in proclaiming the truth had been blessed of God. Our hearts were united in the great work, and together we traveled and labored for the salvation of souls. LS 97.1

In Confirmation of Faith

In November, 1846, I attended, with my husband, a meeting at Topsham, Maine, at which Elder Joseph Bates was present. He did not then fully believe that my visions were of God. That meeting was a season of much interest. The Spirit of God rested upon me; I was wrapped in a vision of God's glory, and for the first time had a view of other planets. After I came out of vision, I related what I had seen. Elder Bates then asked if I had studied astronomy. I told him I had no recollection of ever looking into an astronomy. Then he said, “This is of the Lord.” His countenance shone with the light of heaven, and he exhorted the church with power. LS 97.2

Regarding his attitude toward the visions, Elder Bates made the following statement: LS 97.3

“Although I could see nothing in them that militated against the Word, yet I felt alarmed and tried exceedingly, and for a long time unwilling to believe that it was anything more than what was produced by a protracted debilitated state of her body. LS 97.4

“I therefore sought opportunities in the presence of others, when her mind seemed freed from excitement (out of meeting), to question and cross-question LS 97.5

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