Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches of James White and Ellen G. White 1880, Page 209

personage, never setting her pure foot outside of Bible truth.’ As soon as the views of these people were crossed, they manifested a stubborn, self-righteous spirit that rejected all instruction. Though professing great humiliation they were boastful in their sophistry of sanctification, and resisted all appeals to reason. We felt that all our efforts to convince them of their error were useless, as they took the position they were not learners but teachers.”

Chapter 6—Trials and Victories

“While in New Hampshire we visited at the house of Brother Collier, where we proposed to hold a meeting. We supposed this family were in union with those whom we had met at Elder Bennett's, mentioned in the preceding chapter. We asked some questions in reference to these men; but Brother Collier gave us no information. Said he, ‘If the Lord sent you here, you will ascertain what spirit governs them, and will solve the mystery for us.’

“Both of these men attended the meeting at Brother C's. While I was earnestly praying for light and the presence of God, they began to groan and cry ‘Amen!’ apparently throwing their sympathy with my prayer. Immediately my heart was oppressed with a great weight, the words died upon my lips, darkness overshadowed the whole meeting.

“Elder White arose and said, ‘I am distressed. The Spirit of the Lord is grieved. I resist this influence in the name of the Lord! O God, rebuke this foul spirit!’

“I was immediately relieved, and rose above the

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