Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches of James White and Ellen G. White 1888, Page 328

Chapter 10—Remarkable Experiences and Labors —Loss of the First-Born

“In 1855 I was shown that those brethren who moved from the East to the West were in danger of becoming worldly-minded; and warnings were given me for them. I saw that it was right that some of them should move to the West; that the brethren in those rugged New England States had had more experience, and were more inured to trials and hardships than those in the West; that it was in the order of God that some should move; but that there were those who had it in mind to make such a move for the sake of gain. This should not be their object. The object should be to glorify God, and to advance his cause. And to accomplish this they must live out their faith, and show a regard for present truth above everything else. I saw that it would be in the order of God for brethren in the East to associate with those in the West; and if they were standing in the counsel of God, they could be of great benefit to the western brethren by their example and experience.

“I saw that those who moved to the West should be like men waiting for their Lord. ‘Be a living example,’ said the angel, ‘to those in the West. Let your works show that you are God's peculiar people, and that you have a peculiar work—the last message of mercy to the world. Let your works show to those around you that this world is not your home.’ I saw that those who have entangled themselves should break the snare of the enemy and go free; that they should not lay up treasures upon earth, but show by their lives that they are laying up treasure in heaven.

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