Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches Manuscript, Page 157

Chapter 18—Second Visit To Massachusetts

Soon after our meeting in Roxbury, Sarah and I returned to Portland. Later, by invitation of Brother and Sister Nichols, we returned to Massachusetts, and for a time made their house our home.

No Work Theory Again

At this time there was in Boston and vicinity a large company of those who held that it was a sin to labor. Their principal message was, “Sell that ye have, and give alms.” They said we were in the jubilee, that the land should rest, and that the poor must be supported without labor. Sargent and Robbins were among the leaders in this fanaticism. They denounced my visions as being of the devil, because I had reproved their errors. They were severe upon all who did not believe them.

While we were at the house of Brother Nichols, these men came from Boston to ask a favor of him, and said that they had come to have a visit and tarry over the night with him. Brother Nichols replied hat he was glad they had come, for Sisters Sarah and Ellen Harmon were in the house, and he wished them to become acquainted with us. They at once changed their minds about staying over night, and could not even be persuaded to come in to the house. Brother Nichols asked if I might relate my message in Boston, and if they would hear and then judge, should I go there. “Yes,” said they; “Come to Boston next

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